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Booster Club board members are volunteers who help organize, fundraise and support the many aspects of the cross country team throughout the season. These parents are an invaluable part of our team. If you'd like to support the Boosters we welcome your time and donations!

Current Board Members: Jay Neher, Deanna Neher, Laura Parpart, Ling Hong, Tonya Laird

Upload Photos to SmugMug site courtesy of Carla Liang ( A message from Carla:

I have set up a photo sharing site for the IHS XC 2018 team. You can view and download full resolution photos and video clips using this link:

Photos and video clips are needed for the year end slideshow. Please share them with the team using this link:  (Once photos are uploaded I’ll move them to the correct meet photo gallery.)

If you take a lot of photos let me know and I can give you links to upload directly to the different meet photo galleries.

Enjoy! If you have any questions or difficulties downloading / uploading just let me know.