Booster Club board members are volunteers who help organize, fundraise and support the many aspects of the cross country team throughout the season. These parents are an invaluable part of our team.  If you'd like to support the Boosters we welcome your time and donations! The Boosters meet 2-3x a year with coaches to plan funding and logistics for different activities. Coaches are not allowed to be part of the Booster Board. Please visit the Volunteer Sign Up page to see the list of activities supported by boosters. It is FREE to join the Booster club however a donation of $40 or more will get you a coveted Viking window cling! join the booster club

President: Peggy Gould
Treasurer: Kristie Hemenway
Secretary: Genoveva Marin
Volunteer Coordinator: Chunyuan Wu
Additional Support from Paul Gould and Kristen Schutt

Treasurer contact and mailing address please email Kristie Hemenway at
Booster funds are monies generated by and for the Cross Country Boosters to be used at their discretion in support of the team. Booster fundraisers may not include the use of student/athletes to generate funds (think of it this way, can the fundraiser operate without the student's help). Fundraisers that include students are considered ASB activities. Money that is used by the team at the request of the head coach must be in the form of a "donation" to the school ASB fund. For example, entry fees and transportation to invites or helping to purchase equipment/uniform items are things subject to NSD oversight. Activities like team dinners, ice cream social, banquet supplies, food for meets, etc. come directly from the Booster fund and are separate from ASB.

Photo Sharing

From Coach Ken: Thanks to the work of Tammie Gonzales and the support of our Booster Club, I'm pleased to share the Booster's photo bank for this year's cross country season.

Please use the links below to SHARE photos from this year's events.  These will be invaluable in creating a memorable slide show for the year-end banquet, and the sooner you upload yours, the better the chance that all our hard-fighting athletes will see themselves on the big screen in November.  Additionally, you may make another parent's day by capturing an image from a part of a race while they were cheering elsewhere.


UPLOADING your pictures can be done with these easy-to-use links, even straight from your phone.  Tammie has taken the time to create folders for each event, for easy filing:

​​Choose the link by event to share your images:

Tahoma Relays Sep 9

Eastlake Sep 13

Home Meet Sep 19

John Payne/Curtis Invite Sep 30

Hole In The Wall Oct 7

Crest and Crown Meet/Mt Si Oct 12

Sub Varsity/JV Only Meet Oct 18

KingCo Championship Oct 20

District I/II Championship Oct 28

WIAA State XC Meet Nov 4

Non-meet Cross Country event uploads go here

VIEWING can be done with this easy link, which can also be used to DOWNLOAD any pictures you want for yourself: