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    • XC Season 2020
      Published October 15th, 10:32am

      We hope to keep this page updated throughout the year so please check back often for the latest news. Information regarding registration and other sports are found on the IHS Athletic page https://inglemoor.nsd.org/athletics

      WIAA Coaching Period 9/28-11/30

      We kicked off this period with our team meeting via zoom on 9/29. We oulined some new activities launching this month like a team Treasure Hunt and weekly zoom workouts. You must be registered for sports to access all of this information. This training is open to all students registered for sports.

      • Training Schedules located on this site. You can read the description at the bottom of the page.
      • Training logsheet on shared google docs to be filled in weekly.
      • Captain Pod Leaderboard to be updated weekly by coaches
      • YouTube training videos on the IHSXC channel
      • Athletic.net to monitor time trial dates, results and workouts.

      WIAA Announces New Start Date for Fall Sports [updated 7/30/20]

      The fall cross country season has been modified. It has been moved to season 3 (March 1-May 1). However, there is an option to begin on Sept 7 until Nov 1 but the culminating event will not occur until the end of Season 3. This is an unprecedented development that raises many questions. The coaches have not had guidance from the district/conference ADs at this time but expect to hear from them very soon. Until such time as we receive solid information on how we might best conduct our seasons we will continue to build out our virtual training program and deliver the best coaching we can under the circumstances. You can read the WIAA statement here

      As a reminder summer conditioning is traditionally a volunteer program that is open to all athletes. You do not have to be registered for cross country but you do need to be registered for sports. If you would like to get access to all the information we are sending out including emails please register through Final Forms. The coaches and captains are working together to engage the students who are registered and encouraging them to maintain their fitness this summer. Coaches and captains will respond to emails as quickly as possible but a reminder that it is summer break and some folks might be out of town from time to time. 

      New! Northshore Track Club

      There is a new club sport specifically for track and field athletes here in our area led by IHS head track coach Kurt Spann: https://spannkf.wixsite.com/nstc

      For reference there are other track and field clubs in the area such as Cascade Striders, Club Northwest and Rain City Flyers

      Preseason Cross Country Conditioning

      Why are June, July, August the 3 most important words in cross country? Because these are the months that matter the most in our short competitive season. Most of our runners are done with their competitions at the end of 9-10 weeks. It can take on average 5-6 weeks to get the body fully conditioned for running and another 2-3 weeks to be ready for competition. If you begin training on the first day of practice on Aug 24 you should be ready to race by the end of the season. At least in theory. We all know everyone is different and some people need more time than others. We have found that over time those athletes who have more running under their belt coming into the season tend to be healthier and stronger runners and suffer fewer injuries than those who wait until the start of the season. What kind of season do you want to have? 

      There are 3 new documents in the More Great Links page of this website. 
      1) No Running, No Problem: Follow this plan if you have not been running since March
      2) Return To Running: Follow this plan if you have been running a few days per week since March
      3) Conditioning Exercises for Cross Country: A list of the exercises we do in cross country

      Important XC dates for 2020:
      Out of Season Coaching Sep 28-Nov 30 (this is similar to the summer conditioning season)
      New Season March 1-May 1
      ​​​*These dates are subject to change

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